Basic features

Basic features
Basic features
PhoTopoL Atlas
The Workflow

PhoTopoL Atlas - digital photogrammetric workstation

Product of Czech companies TopoL Software Ltd. and Atlas Ltd. It brings new quality for digital photogrammetric production by the combination of PhoTopoL and Atlas DMT.

Basic features:

  • Automatic interior orientation
  • Automatic tie and pass points collection
  • Control points collection with correlation
  • Aerotriangulation with AeroSys for Windows
  • Import of orientations from Z/I Imagestation, Erdas, Match AT, DiAP, Pat-B, Digi, any ASCII file
  • Orthoimage generation
  • Mosaicing with automatic image balancing along stitch line
  • On-screen 3D-digitizing in stereo mode, continuous roamimg and zooming, superimposition of vectors in stereo window
  • Full 3D GIS included, data attributing, selections and analyzes
  • Automatic DTM points extraction
  • DTM creation, sophisticated altitude correction of correlated data
  • Automatic contour lines generation
  • 3D Surfacing


  • High-end PC workstation
  • 2 Gbyte RAM
  • High-capacity disk system
  • Windows XP/2000
  • Stereo viewing system



Stereo editing
Stereo editing
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